About me

Hi my name is Millie Lytle.

I have been a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2002 helping people get healthy and reverse chronic illness, the natural way.  I have many years of education, patient experience, lecturing and learning about healthcare around the world. I’ve lived, studied and worked in Canada, Germany and the US.

I have participated in a bunch of health summits: the first Natural Cancer Prevention Summit; Sugar Free Summer; Don’t Let Diabetes Stop You Health Summit; Healthy Gut Summit; The Radical Self-Love Summit; Great Health Now!; Healthy Under Pressure, and finally, The Entrepreneur’s Adventure Guide.

And an entrepreneur I am. I run a health coaching concierge business called Nat Med Coach (www.natmedcoach.com), a health tech company (www.wellpath.me) and an online shopping business. That’s in addition to my small practice, which I hardly have time for anymore. Before the Health Summits started taking off, I was on the radio weekly for over 3 years with a syndicated AM radio health show as part of the InVite Health Franchise. I had an audience of 22,000 people tuning in weekly, to catch my golden info about vitamins, health and how your body gets sick.

I did a few online radio shows as well – The Double Diamond Hour on TalkingAlternative.com and the Eating for Meaning Hour on the same station. Eating for Meaning also aired 16 times on BlogTalk Radio. I love speaking in public.

As you can see, I’m living my best life in NYC, travelling and building my empire. With all that air-time, I want to stay involved in this platform. I, now, guest on other people’s shows as opposed to hosting my own. I enjoy online talks, summits and radio. This site is to help you navigate the ones with good credentials over the ones that you should skip, as well as give you access to the Health Summits, as well as my thoughts about online business you don’t want to miss!

For more about me, you can catch me to consult me or engage in my workshops – live, mixed media and books – on my other sites:

www.eatingformeaning.com, www.drmillie.com, www.wellpath.me and www.natmedcoach.com


Follow me here, on Health Summit Reviews to find links to products I create and endorse; you’ll come to learn that my entrepreneurial spirit sets my creative juices ablaze.

I hope you enjoy, benefit and please comment!

Dr. Millie