Institute of Integrative Nutrition – IIN- Review

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The Institute of  Integrative Nutrition has been following me for a long time. Or have I been following it? When I was in naturopathic medical school in Toronto, and about to graduate around 2001-2002, I used to date a butcher at the Big Carrot Natural Food Market and Wholistic Dispensary. He worked there with nutritionists.  At the time the word “nutritionist” wasn’t a licensed profession, and there were no accredited programs. I was sure that my accredited post-graduate program was teaching me top of the line nutrition. However, I came to learn that there was a school called the Institute of Integrative Nutrition operating uptown, giving out certifications after an intensive 2-year program.

Nutritionist or Naturopath

After meeting several students studying there I sometimes became a little jealous that they only had to spend 2 years to learn the same nutrition info I was learning in my 4 year program. Mind you, I was learning to be a doctor, but sometimes that seemed irrelevant. Ok not really, but I would have enjoyed spending less money, getting similar knowledge and learning the business side of it. There were even some graduates of that program who were on television, a place I wanted to be on the regular, as opposed to once in a while, where I currently was. That school seemed to disappear after a while, or at least into the woodwork.

Toronto to New York

Skip forward to 2012 when I moved to New York City, and started meeting so many Health Coaches. I had never heard of a health coach before, but I quickly learned they knew a lot of the top level information about diets that I knew. This was unusual because, unless you’re a chiropractor or a functional MD, that type of nutrition knowledge was pretty much reserved for Naturopaths.  I learned that the IIN program had started as a live teaching program in New York, and then gradually by 2011, became an online school. Now I know about a 100 health coaches, at least who have graduated before and after the school switched to solely online programming. Now, the school is international and available for students is most countries around the world.

Nutritionist to Health Coach

Finally it donned on me, this is the same school that started in Toronto. The founder Joshua Rosenthal is a Canadian, just like me, who had moved his school from Toronto to New York, and switched the language from nutritionist to health coach.  This promotes the lifestyle component, not nutrition alone, as well as, and just as importantly for the school, gets the heavy-lobbying dietitians off their backs. Brilliant!

Current IIN Program

The current course is a 1 year-long program, all done within online modules, with the exception of a yearly live party. This year David Avocado Wolfe will be there, in September. If you live in a city that has other students, you and the other students would form a Facebook group or a Meetup of some sort so you can network, and after 6 months start doing health histories on each other. I know so many happy students who have built their own businesses, gotten jobs with medical practices and I also know others who have never practiced.


Free Sample Class

If you go through the Free Sample Class then you get a warm information video from one of the health coaches who work in their registration office discussing the philosophy of the founder Joshua Rosenthal. The information itself is useful as they discuss Primary Foods, a topic that unique to IIN and prominently featured. The free sample class includes a lecture on what’s missing in nutrition theories. You also guest a lecture from reknown guest lecturer Dr. David Katz. You also get to download a free worksheet to assess your Circle of Life. How does the pie of your life measure up in terms of work-life balance, home cooking, spirituality, finances, etc. There is no risk to taking this free class, and it’s easy to digest, so if you’re interested sign up here.


Paying for IIN

If you decide to do the program, the fee is approximately $5000 for the year. They do offer rebates if you refer others to the program. You can pay it all at once or on a monthly payment plan. Financing may be available but likely not traditional student loans, as this is not an accredited program.

Whether or not the school is the right one for you, it is entirely based on your preferences.

Top 5 Reasons to Go to IIN:

  1. You come from a conventional medical or health background and want to learn about the natural and functional approaches to diets and diet therapy, primary foods and lifestyle management so you can build an entrepreneur practice.
  2. You have a corporate or arts background and want to make health coaching your new career.
  3.  You want to learn more so that over time you can better take care of you and your family from a self-care and nutrition stand-point.
  4. You love online programs and want to engage in a year long commitment to accelerate and deep dive your learning.
  5. You want to learn to heal yourself. Well this may or may not be the ideal route, as healing yourself requires more than knowledge and using yourself as a guinea pig. Some people are able to do it, some are not.

If you’re looking for an accredited, college program then this may not be the school for you. Though they may advertise as an accredited program, this is not within the consensus of federally accredited programs acknowledged by U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Post-secondary Education (OPE). Currently, there are many health coaching programs on the market but the career path itself not that one a health professional, at this point. There is an organization called the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching who have developed some national standards and give an certification exam.  Being aware of the limitations of this and other health coaching programs, allows you to make the proper decision for yourself.

Click on the picture to get a free sample class or click HERE

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  1. Hello and thanks a million for sharing this in debt review on health it is good to know that there are programs like this can help to train persons in the area of health because we need more program like these to help people in the area of health. your post is well detailed and has tons of awesome information. Your reviewers will love what you are sharing because a career in this field is awesome.

    • HI Norman, yes I hope those people who are looking for a career path in health or health coaching can at least enjoy the free class on the site. Thanks for stopping by! 

  2. Interesting article. I try to stay active as much as possible and my #1 setback is with nutrition. Even though I make progress with my workouts, my nutrition always seems to lack. I’ve always had a fast metabolism which is why I ignore this, but I’m starting to feel the effects of crappy eating.

    With your “Reasons to go IIN,” I certainly fall between 3-5, and possibly even the first two. I always try diets and other things but end up falling short because I don’t really understand the nutrition point of view. This is certainly something I will consider. Thank you!

    • Hi Edwin, thank you for the comment! Have you ever heard of the 80:20 rule? It applies to weight loss and health – The 80:20 rule is called Pareto’s rule, and it says that nutrition is 80% responsible for health whereas physical fitness is responsible for 20%. Food for thought! All the best!

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