Mental Wellness Summit 2 – Tips on Mental Health and Wellness

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The Mental Wellness Summit was so successful that they’re gathering a new team of experts to provide tips on mental health and wellness again this year.  Mental health struggles are slow, silent killers sapping us of energy and happiness, and leading to addictions and other dangerous habits. Many people are not aware if their mental health is good or bad. We might know we feel better on some days, but most people don’t seek help for their mental health.  Tune into the Mental Health Summit 2 to learn more about yourself with expert advice, guidance and tips on how to improve your mental health and wellness.

There are so many reasons for depression, anxiety and lack of happiness generally – some of them are preventable and easily treatable – others you may need to work on for the duration of your life, but you are not alone. Learn how your genes, nutrition, lifestyle, coping mechanisms, self belief and limiting patterns, sleep and uh much more affection your mental health. The organizers of this summit say that this Mental Wellness Summit 2 will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Overcome the silence, isolation and fear of your struggle
  • Transcend outdated, prescription-based healthcare systems
  • Find holistic practitioners and natural solutions for your pain
  • Implement expert practices, tools and tips into your daily routine
  • And so much more!

One thing is definitely true is that there is so much more help available than mainstream psychiatry and psychology. Some are evidenced-based and some aren’t. But don’t discount therapies that you might think are not evidence-based, such as meditation. It is one of the best researched solo-practices. Exercise is another method of supporting mental health, and there are so many others…

Depending on your level of need, and your ability to live a happy and healthy life, you might consider Spiritual counselling, Psychotherapy of various sorts, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Equine (horses) or Canine (dogs) therapy, Family Constellations therapy, and many many other tarot cards, twin flames counseling, past live regressions, angel cards, reiki. Just make sure your practitioner is credentialed and has experience working with the condition you are seeking help for, or that you are up for taking a risk. The more alternative you go, the less likely it is to be covered by insurance, recommended by your doctor or even known about by other people.

Your host for this event is not apparent. I couldn’t easily locate who it is, so that’s a demerit. Featured speakers are an impressive list of the usual – Drs Mark Hyman, Tom O’Bryan, Joel Kahn plus some motivators Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, James Maskell, JJ Virgin, Sarah Ballantyne and more. Topics will range from mood disorders and exercise, inspiration, thyroid health and nutrition so a wide variety of insight will be provided into your mental health.

I think it’s important to manage expectations when it comes to health summits, and this one is a perfect example as to why. When we think of mental health, every topic from suicide to schizophrenia to depression and anxiety can emerge. A lot of information will be provided in this summit that may help you and others a great deal, but it does not replace a diagnosis to your doctor.

So check out and register for The Mental Wellness Summit 2 starting September 25th: HERE

The second summit on this topic brings a new wealth of advice and expertise to help you further your journey toward mental wellness.

Whether bravely addressing your struggles for the first time or strengthening your resolve to heal, The Mental Wellness Summit 2 will deliver pioneering, cutting-edge and natural tools that everyone can use to accelerate their healing potential, or that of a friend or family member.

There is a lot of stigma associated with mental health, as well as the provider you choose. Don’t miss out on options that are available to you because you don’t know what they are. Maybe one of these modalities will grab you.

Register for free or buy the advance package: HERE

It all starts September 25th to October 5th.

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