Nutrametrix Reviews: Is it a Scam?

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If you’re a health professional or a patient you may have heard of Nutrametrix and wondered if it’s a scam, so this is my review. You may be confused by a brand called Nutrametrix, which is not available in stores and really not available on Amazon either. You may be confused because you can only order Nutrametrix nutraceuticals on its own site, or get it from a distributor, who might be a health professional or the sister product – Isotonix – from your stay-at-home neighbor.  How could you get quality health supplements from a guy who doesn’t even seem to have a job? During this review, I will tell you why Nutrametrix is not a scam, from a health professional who has been in the business for going on 2 years.

What is Nutrametrix?

Nutrametrix is the health professional division of Market America – – an online product brokerage company. Anyone wanting to have a home-business or a business within a business, to earn extra income, may qualify to become a distributor of Market America. Market America does not manufacture health products but they do formulate and brand their own products under two divisions; Isotonix and Nutrametrix. While Isotonix is for the everyday consumer, like your neighbor, Nutrametrix is a line that is only available through a health professional; either in their office, through the health professional’s web portal or drop shipped to the patient.

The concept of a supplement’s company providing two tiers of health supplements is not new. Many of the better retail brands you can buy at the GNC or Whole Foods also manufacture lines of products specifically for Doctors Offices, not available for retail.  Other companies only have health professional divisions and do not make their products available on the store shelf.

Because any distributor of Market America products can distribute Isotonix, I am not going to discuss it here.  I will say that the quality of the products, as well as the formulations are the same. There are a few products that are only Nutrametrix, such as Red Yeast Rice, but otherwise the branding and the exclusivity are the main difference.


Nutrametrix formulates and brands high quality professional supplements. Often times, using the researched patented ingredients so many health professionals come to trust. Nutrametrix keeps up with the research and is very devoted to it’s scientific and regulatory standards.

Key components of Nutrametrix products are Non-GMO, All natural formulations, evidence-based doses, FDA approved Good Manufacturing Practices. If you would like to read more about the standards of supplement production, read here. If you would like to read more about regulatory practices for the good manufacturing of supplements, read here.

Nutrametrix includes the current research on each ingredient on the product pages. You never have to search through white pages as the studies are always displayed on the product page, visible for you and your patients. Here is example of a list of the level of evidence I’m talking about- Click for the product page – Nutrametrix Product Prime Astaxanthin Cardio and Visual Formula.


Nutrametrix goes above and beyond supporting their health pros by offering small, medium and large nutritional protocols, as well as warnings about drug-nutrient interactions and depletions in the back office. I can’t show an example, as this is top-secret stuff, only for the eyes of the Health Professional.

Just know, when it comes to science, research and keeping up with the epigenetic, weight loss and supplements research, we are at the TOP for all large supplement companies. We have the hardest working, and most thorough team.

Nutrametrix Health Professionals

Speaking of which, the clinical director of Nutrametrix is Dr. Deedra Mason ND. A brilliant and funny naturopathic doctor in charge of the quality and product development as well as health pro training.  She is one of the amazing individuals in charge of the company integrity. Who better than an ND to keep good products, great. Nutrametrix also employs other MDs, Dieticians and Allied health professionals to conduct their training and offer guidance on R&D. Usually these professionals are Market America Distributors, but not necessarily. Nutrametrix has a training program for health professionals who wish to learn about the products they may carry in their practice. Some health professionals such as Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Doctors of Osteopathy may be familiar with supplements and how to recommend them. Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Nurses and other specialists may have less experience with supplements and their range of use. Nutrametrix offers several trainings each year for licensed health pros who would like to learn more about the application, research and quality of the supplements.

Health Professionals may recommend Nutrametrix supplement in 2 ways. 1) Health Professional (HP) 1 Unfranchise Owner or 2) HP Executive Unfranchise Owner. If you are considering becoming an HP with Nutrametrix then I recommend you read the rules and regulations further; please click CHAPTER 9 of the UNFRANCHISE OWNER MANUAL.  You will also find a full list of licensed health professionals who are able to become Nutrametrix Health Professionals. Be prepared to submit your license and EIN number if applicable, because this company does its homework.

What it boils down to is that an HP1 can carry all the same products and education material as an HP Executive however cannot create the leverage to earn residual income. They can, however, buy products at wholesale and sell them in their medical practice at the retail price of their choosing.  Personally, I am an HP Executive Unfranchise Owner because I want all the benefits of creating residual income with my business, and do not want to be limited to the nutrametrix products alone.

One thing I love about this company is that is prioritizes those who know about nutrition and alternative medicine. Naturopathic Doctors are treated with the respect that they deserve as the company understands the level of education and training we have.

Can Non Health Professionals Distribute Nutrametrix?

Nutrametrix also has a Nutrametrix Consultatant (NC) Training program for distributors who would like to specialize in health products with their Market America Business. Nutrametrix Consultants need to take a 3 day training course every 2 years in order to remain a certified Nutrametrix Consultant.

The Nutrametrix Consultant goes into doctors offices, introduces the company, teaches and trains the practice on the products, the back-end accounting system, and supports the Health Professional in their supplements business.  Think of the Nutrametrix Consultant like a pharmaceutical rep who is there to educate on new offerings, troubleshoot any problems, and streamline the health pro’s business.

Nutrametrix Consultants are often, but not always, people who practice a non-licensed form of health care such as health coach, personal trainer, homecare assistant, energy worker or medical admin. Just as often, people who have a large network of doctors in their social life want to be able to partner with them, so they will become NC for this reason.

How To Become A Nutrametrix Distributor?

In order to become a Nutrametrix Distributor you need to

  1. Be a licensed health professional with a patient-base, who wants to leverage the entire business of market america by growing a team. To see if you qualify, take a look at the Chapter 9 link I posted above.
  2. Be a licensed health professional, with a patient-base, who wishes to distribute the products for retail profit through your practice. You need to meet a qualified NC or another HP (ahem, that’s me) who will help set you up with an account.
  3. Be a qualified Market America Distributor and go through the 3 day Nutrametrix Consultant Training ever 2 years.

Unless Market America accepts you as an NC or an HP, you will not have access to these amazing products. If you want to read further about becomeing a Market America Distributor click on this link: CHAPTER 10 of the UNFRANCHISE OWNER MANUAL

Now I know you want to know the bad part, right? You want to know what the catch is, don’t you?

What are the Cons of Being a Nutrametrix Distributor?

  • It’s a business.  A business is a responsibility. You have to
  • You have to be willing to focus on it, at least a few minutes per day.
  • You have to meet your minimums, and know that meeting minimums is the least you can do because the more you work for it, the more it will work for you (what are your goals? Extra income, health coaching in your practice, more vacation time, a retirement plant? – I know for me, I am shooting for the first and last one).
  • You might need patience and staying-power. Nothing happens overnight. If you decide to build the full business, it can take 2-3 years before you’re earning steady residual income. For some it’s shorter, for some it’s longer.
  • Your heart needs to be in it. This might be the case for everything we do….but for this business it really helps to meet the people from the executives to the field leaders to the distributors, attend trainings, attend convention.
  • No free lunch, otherwise known as out of pocket expenses – there are investments in addition to spending time and purchasing product. You have to take yourself to the trainings in Miami and North Carolina, Virginia, San Diego, Niagara Fall or Arizona. You have to buy tickets to the events, hotels, flights and meals. You have to pay your own way, but each expense is a business expense so think of it that way.

I can honestly say, this is the business I was looking for. I am so happy I found this business. I had done Juice Plus +, NuSkin prior, just trying to find that product line that really fit into my practice, but they were too expensive, too limited, too many capsules, or not varied enough. Plus Nutrametrix includes all the other aspects to the Market America – business, which means that everything I buy for my business and household becomes part of the business, not just supplements.

What are the Pros of Being a Nutrametrix Distributor?

  • The team building aspect. So much of being a health professional is solo. I enjoy spending time with other entrepreneurs even more than I enjoy spending time with other Naturopaths and doctors. The people are motivated, fun loving, international and passionate. They come from unique backgrounds and bring different points of views and skills. I have filled my team with people from different walks of life who contribute to my personal development. You can to help them accomplish their goals, as you accomplish yours. It’s very satisfying,
  • Personal Growth. Nothing will challenge you more, and get your out of your own shell more than a direct-marketing business. The trainings are not just about business and product but also about personal development. You pay a lot more for Tony Robbins than you do for Loren and JR Ridinger, and they are just as inspirational. Free audio trainings are available for you daily on an app on your phone.
  • Being part of something big. A new economy where people are taking their spending habits into their own hands, making decisions about the quality of products they are purchasing, and realizing the purchasing power of the masses is a super power we can win the right to. Think of like a super-hero of the digital age.
  • The built-in trainings. Personally, I have never enjoyed the whole nutraceutical rep from Metagenics or Designs for Health coming into my office. I always feel like they’re selling me something. With the trainings from this company, I can pick and choose what I want to be educated on, how much education I received. Plus the motivational thinking is so inspiring, I forget i’m working.
  • NEi – Education non-profit. This organization is not but rather it provides CE credits on the education of supplements, nutrition research and genetics research.  CE credits.
  • More than supplements. Nutrametrix offers free online assessments for your patients such as NutriPhysical, Weight Loss Profile. They also offere a Gene SNP Program. Nutrametix has teamed up with
  • Done for You Handouts. If you want to give meal plans, grocery lists, promotional health training brochures in your office, but don’t have time to do them yourself, look no further. Honestly, I especially appreciate the metabolic weight loss resources as it’s clear and concise for my patients. All I need to provide is a link to the appropriate program, and they can follow right along. If I wish to print it, I can do that too.
  • Access to a beautiful life. If you want to hitch into the fabulous life, Market America offers that to you. 1) Stars. Fat Joe, Lala Antony, Scottie Pippen, Damon John, Eva Longoria. It’s always motivating to be surrounded by the beautiful, fabulous people. 2) Miami once per year. I go to Miami every February. It’s not a bad gig. 3) Yacht access. You do have to pay, but if you’d like to do some incredible team building you can do so with Field Vice President, Jim Winkler on JR’s yacht.
  • The income! Look, despite it being my main goal, the income is way down here, because there are so many other things to love about the business while you’re building it.
  • Reach your goals. Fire your boss, become free, financial freedom. Choose the life you want.
  • I should also mention, this company has history. It’s got 90 upward quarters, in business 25 years, family-owned and operated, pay back distributors half of 8 billion dollars, AAA with the Better Business Bureau.

I could go on and on. As you can see, I’m incredibly passionate. I am about to go to the 25th Anniversary International Convention in Greensborough North Carolina. You are invited from August 10-13th, 2017.

If you are interested in learning more, please comment below and send me a message to I am happy to help set you up with your business, meet you in Greensboro, meet you in Miami, help you become a preferred customer, try a product or just learn more.

Review: HOT

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  1. A very in-depth review of a product I was not even aware of.
    I’m not a licensed health professional, but am a personal trainer.
    I’m glad to hear that this product is not a scam. I’ve had some dealings with Market American and found them to be professional and nice people to deal with.
    I’d like to know more about the actual products, but I ‘m guessing I just need to click on one of the links in your article.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply W Tucker, as a personal trainer you can become and HC, as well as simply offer TLS and Performance supplements to your clients:… . I haven’t included many products here, but if you are interested we could have a chat. I recommend checking out the TLS Weight Loss Solution products. Let me know what you think!  

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