Summit Healthcare: Can you get healthcare from an online summit?

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In 2016 there were 22 online healthcare summits, then went down to 15 this year. With HTO and other online platforms promoting health summits, can you expect to access healthcare via digital health summits?

YES, Healthcare Can be Accessed via Summits

If you are shopping for a new integrative physician, nutritionist or health coach then the answer is yes. If you use the health summits as an introduction to great minds, compassionate hearts and ideal communicators on the topic you need health care for, then yes online health summits can be a free and efficient way to be introduced to your new favorite health provider.

Dr. Google

If you are treating yourself for certain condition or set of symptoms then the more information you gather, the better off you are.  You may have heard that a little information is dangerous especially for people who are anxious about their health. When it comes to “Dr. Google”, one study showed that more than 70% of the time, it’s wrong. Meaning that when you are googling what your symptoms mean this method is usually false because the sources of information come from so many different places. And you don’t necessarily know what you should be searching.

This is important to Google. According to Google, 1 of 20 Google searches are health-related. So Google Australia created new health cards that include facts by a team of at least 10 “medical doctors”, and the Mayo Clinic for accuracy.  However no one recommends that this replace a real check-up.

NO, Healthcare Can not be Accessed from Summits

Health summits have not been studied for their effectiveness on self-diagnosis, but when you hear information straight from an expert’s mouth, it can certainly improve the credibility factor that the internet removes. That said experts are only referring generally to problems, so while it may sound applicable to you, it might not be.

The answer is No. No amount of general information replaces an individual assessment and diagnosis from a qualified health professional.  What’s more, while you have a valid opinion in your health situation and how you got there, no individual is truly objective enough to treat him or herself – doctors included.

So, if your current doctor doesn’t seem to know what’s wrong with you, then educate yourself on what type of doctor might have a better idea and pursue them as an ideal health provider. Don’t stop searching for your suitable health provider until you find one that has knowledge, compassion and communication skills.

Let me know your feedback. Have a good one.


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  1. Thank you for this informative article. Health summits are great ideas I think as it allows for the gathering of prosperous health care information from many different intelligent individuals in the field. I also like how you mention Dr. Google. I find so many of my friends are trying to diagnose themselves through google and then they just end up getting freaked out because their minor condition is perceived as a major through google. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks for your post Rob, please share with your friends who use Dr. Google. Creating unnecessary panic over our health is not ‘healthy’! Stress is such a cause of illness that we really want to become informed to reduce stress, not increase it.

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