The Entrepreneurial Adventure Guide – How to Be Rich Doing What You Love

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Tune into The Entrepreneurial Adventure Guide – How to Be Rich Doing What You Love – the free summit goes live November 13th. The Entrepreneurial Adventure Guide is a unique summit focusing on service-based entrepreneurs who use their hearts and minds to make a difference in people’s lives. Full disclosure, I am a speaker.  
Throughout this summit, you’ll have access to interviews with over 20 experts. Hosted by Ashley O’Keefe. Ashley opened her first business at the age of 24. She has since invested and sold three others, with too-many-to-count ups and downs along the way. Through her journey over the last 10 years, she’s
become rich doing what she loves, living a life that is vibrant, inspired, and FULL of fun, and she wants to show you how to do it too. I get invited to partner with my industry colleagues pretty often, but I’m very picky about who I work with because I only want to share the best of the best with you. So when Ashley invited me to speak on her free interview series, The Entrepreneurial Adventure: How To Be Rich Doing What You Love, I gave her an enthusiastic YES because I know we all go through entrepreneurial highs and lows and the most important thing you can do in your business is
consistently overcome the lows to achieve the highs.
In our conversations we tease out:
1. what being rich really means
2. how inspiration affects success
3. how to develop the courage to take risks
4. how to overcome perceived failures and turn them into triumphs
5. how working on your mindset is a game changer along the entrepreneurial adventure
6. morning routines that set you up for success
7. tools and techniques to create a balanced and rich life
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