The Players

Undoubtedly the biggest player in the Health Summit space is Health Talks Online. In order to do a good job with this page, I need be a bit of a detective as it’s important to, at least, list the bios of all these players who participate in health summits. Knowing the participants establishes credibility and transparency. Both are very important to know if you are learning from someone. You want to know who they are, right?

If you want to know the players in online health summits, the place to begin in with Health Talks Online or HTO, for short.

Here are 6 key facts about HTO

  1. Mission: To help the world heal by delivering expert messages to the people who need it most – the public.
  2. In business since 2014, serves health education and information to those who wish to be happy and healthy.
  3. Co-Founded by Bobby Cardwell, who in 2011, created Infusion Genius as a full-service web, marketing and SEO answer. “The company created technology solutions via individual websites, social media integration and leveraging the InfusionSoft platform. He now brings his information technology expertise to help clients reach the masses with their important health messages, products and services.” Bobby seems like a technology wiz. 
  4. Co-Founded by Bob Roth. The HTO website says that Bob’s foray into the health industry came when he began working with The University of Chicago. Thro”ugh connections, he met co-founder, Bobby Cardwell, and, together, they optimized the “summit” model to more efficiently and effectively reach millions worldwide.” I think Bob does a lot of the hands-on, health relations work because a lot of the emails come from him.

    Co-Founder Bob Roth
  5. Steve Wolters is the affiliate director at HealthMeans, the community space associated with HTO.
  6. Provide 3 key products:
  • Health Summits – a tool for health experts to educate the masses in full length interviews
  • Community – launch products for HealthMeans members
  • Docu-series – delivering TV miniseries on health topics

If a doctor or other health expert has an idea for a health summit, they submit it to HTO who help them organize, structure, promote and broadcast the event. Profits are made on purchases by customers, and split with affiliates.

On this site, I will get into the bios of all the health experts whose names you might hear of on a daily basis as well as up and comers you may want to be on the lookout for.

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